Damon painting in his studio

Commissioned Portrait Procedure

• Once a contract is secured, and the client makes the down payment (one third of the cost of the portrait). I meet with the client at the client's home or my studio to take photos - I also paint from life in my studio if client can pose and if age permits, or I can work from a combination of poses and photography or from photos only.

• If working from photography only, I take digital photos and the client and I choose the best photos the same day the photos are made.

• Four to six weeks later I complete a small color oil study and mail it to the client for approval. Once the study is approved and returned to me, I start the finished piece.

• When the portrait is completed I photograph it and mail the photo to the client for finial approval. When the photo is approved, I ship the finished portrait. The balance of the portrait price is due within 30 days after client receives the portrait. As an average, from the time initial photos are made until finished portrait is completed, is six to nine months. This can vary if client has limited time restraints and must have finished portrait sooner.